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Hello, We are 2BK Vegetable Farm & we're new Here!

Good Morning/Afternoon from our little farm, 2BK Vegetable Farm.

We're new to this online world of blogging but we really wanted to share with all our amazing customers (who we will now call friends) what life is like on the farm.

Sure we are covered in the white stuff, we like to look at it as moisture and as we dream of the day that it melt, we sure are thankful for the water it will soon be adding to our fields! Enough dreaming, lets get into the dirt of who we are.

After staring at bare land, a dream became a reality when Karen & Brian decided to work the dirt. Countless hours were put into burying seeds that would sprout into gorgeous plants, that would produce the most flavourful vegetables, bringing droves of foodies to experience the farm; thus, the birth of 2BK Vegetable Farm. Like the movie "Field of Dreams", they built it and wow, did they come- by the car loads, truck loads and bus loads!

Year 2 brought some challenges as we planted more, hired more and learnt so . much more! We weren't sure who's passion passion for vegetables was more- yours or ours but it was an amazing year to remember. Our first Friendsgiving was one for the books- snow, wind, freezing temps and you all still came out to share the end of a fantastic, bountiful year!

Fast forward to year 3, the best, yet the hardest one to date. An early spring meant we got to play early in the dirt, mother nature had other plans for us! Record amounts of rain had seeds floating away, fields (or maybe it's safe to have called them lakes) were new homes for geese, yet we powered through it. Our amazing team of farmhands, there are so many, they kept our spirits bright and gave us the hope to push through and are we ever thankful we did. Sorry parents for the laundry!

We visited many markets, shared in spotlight vendors who came in and shared their products, we shelved farm fresh eggs from local farmers, honey from a local producer and our team was as busy as ever making our famous salsa! Our annual Friendsgiving Market was a memory that we will cherish, so many familiar faces that came to bid another harvest farewell. We opened a few days in the off season to share in some root vegetables until there was a malfunction and everything froze- learning experience, what a year!!

As this new year begins for us at 2BK Vegetable Farms, we are excited to meet the new friends that will be joining us as our family farm in NE Edmonton, Brenneis Vegetable Gardens, parked their tractors and closed their gates forever, last fall. As it was sad to watch an era end, we cannot be any more proud of the generations that cultivated the NE Edmonton soil for many years (50+). Sheldon & Amy Brenneis saw it out til the very end, we are so incredibly proud of the energy put into a farm that nourished many generations.

"A new opportunity for us to nourish the souls of our neighbours, by sharing in our bounties of fresh, locally grown vegetables."

As we dive into our 4th year of growing sustainable, fresh produce at 2BK are looking forward to a new opportunity to nourish the souls of our neighbours by sharing in our bounties of fresh, locally grown vegetables. New or old, we welcome you to the 2BK Vegetable Farm Family! We hope you will join us along this journey, so much is coming.

- Now, go eat your Vegetables!

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